Sterling Nova Lynn Raspe

8th September 202011th May 2021 two hundred & forty-five precious days

The word Sterling comes from the word steorra, meaning star. The word nova means new. A nova is when a star's gas builds up and triggers an explosion making it shine up to a million times brighter than normal.

Sterling's signature pigtails

Sterling Raspe was an incredible little girl who was the epitome of strength.

Sterling lived for 245 days and spent 207 of those days in the Pediatric Cardiac Unit in Oak Lawn, IL, USA. She had 9 surgeries, including 4 major heart surgeries. She was a very special little girl. Depending on who you ask, anywhere between 700 million to two billion - or 1 of between 4-11 people in the world.

She was very special.

She was diagnosed with:

  • a rare variant of hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS)
  • kabuki syndrome
  • being severely immunocompromised (IgG deficient)
  • isomerism/heterotaxy
  • pulmonary stenosis
  • severe/moderate hearing loss
  • hypotonia
  • multiple brain bleeds
  • hip dysplasia
  • hyperinsulinemia
  • …and unfortunately, that's not a complete list

Every time a bead is given, courage is honored, suffering is alleviated, resilience is strengthened, and the experience of human caring is affirmed. Every Beads of Courage Program integrates the use of beads, the earliest art form known to humans, as visible, tangible symbols of human experiences that need and deserve to be expressed.

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this is section 1a.png of the beads

Day 1


I was diagnosed with a single kidney and HLHS at 22wks gestation

I was born in a room of about 30 people

I needed an immediate cardiac catheterisation to open a restrictive valve in my heart

I aspirated my meconium (inhaled my poop)

I didn't get to meet or even see my parents

I was whisked away within seconds of leaving my mommy's belly

this is section 1b.png of the beads
this is section 1c.png of the beads

Day 2


My mommy held me for the first time

this is section 2a.png of the beads

Day 3


My daddy held me for the first time

this is section 2c.png of the beads

Day 4


I needed my first non-OR blood transfusion

this is section 3a.png of the beads
this is section 3b.png of the beads

Doctors thought I had an infection

I had 2 failed spinal taps

I didn't have an infection

this is section 3c.png of the beads

Day 7


I had my first major open-heart surgery - the Norwood

this is section 3d.png of the beads

Day 9


Doctors left my sternum open after surgery to allow my chest to swell

I had it closed today

this is section 3e.png of the beads

Day 13


The chest tube doctors placed to drain fluid was removed today

this is section 4a.png of the beads
this is section 4b.png of the beads
this is section 4c.png of the beads

Day 14


I had my breathing tube removed

I let out my first cry

I had my first suck on a pacifier

I was diagnosed with hyperinsulemia

I had my first therapy session

this is section 5a.png of the beads

Day 15


My mommy and daddy held me for the first time since my Norwood heart surgery

this is section 5b.png of the beads

Day 16


Doctors found my 2nd kidney

it was behind my pelvis

it doesn't work that well, though

It's my mommy's and daddy's anniversary

this is section 5c.png of the beads
this is section 5d.png of the beads

Day 18


My sodium dropped dangerously low (113)

this is section 6a.png of the beads
this is section 6b.png of the beads

I had an arterial line removed

I had my first skin-to-skin 😌

this is section 7a.png of the beads

Day 20


I took my first breaths off the ventilator since my heart surgery

this is section 7b.png of the beads

I had my first tummy time

my mommy and daddy pushed my meds for the first time

this is section 8a.png of the beads

Day 21


I took my first breaths without any oxygen support

I breathed the same air as my mommy and daddy

I got diagnosed with hip dysplasia

I drank 1ml of my mom's breast milk - yummy!

this is section 8b.png of the beads

Day 22


I was diagnosed with hypotonia

I was prematurey diagnosed with a tethered spinal cord

I left the PCICU for the first time to have an x-ray under contrast to test my kidneys

my pacer wire was removed

this is section 9a.png of the beads

Day 24


I had my first MRI and it showed I had a small brain bleed

It was my first day without fentanyl since my heart surgery

It was the first time wearing my hip brace

this is section 9b.png of the beads

Day 25


My scar wasn't healing, I had my first Acell treatment to help my wound heal faster

this is section 9c.png of the beads

Day 26


I had low sodium (115)

I had more blood transfusions

I needed more oxygen support

this is section 10a.png of the beads

Day 27


I needed my first tylenol/paracetamol

this is section 10b.png of the beads

Day 30


I had my 2nd MRI

this is section 10c.png of the beads

Day 31


Doctors discovered I had a potential neuroblastoma - a cancer on my adrenal gland

this is section 11a.png of the beads

I needed more oxygen support

this is section 11b.png of the beads

Day 32


I had my 3rd MRI

this is section 11c.png of the beads

Day 34


I smiled for the firs time 🥰

this is section 12a.png of the beads

Day 37


I had another scan on my brain bleed

this is section 12b.png of the beads

Day 38


Doctors discovered my neuroblastoma was benign

this is section 13a.png of the beads

Day 40


I required less oxygen support

this is section 13b.png of the beads

Day 41


I wasn't growing a lot, so doctors increased my feeds

this is section 14a.png of the beads

Day 42


Speech therapy helped me take 5ml of breast milk by bottle - yummy!

this is section 14b.png of the beads

Day 46


I had an IV line removed from my arm

but I had another placed in my foot 😅

this is section 15b.png of the beads

My oxygen support was lowered

I was breathing room air again!

this is section 15c.png of the beads
this is section 16a.png of the beads
this is section 17a.png of the beads
this is section 17b.png of the beads

Day 52


I needed more oxygen support

this is section 18a.png of the beads
this is section 18b.png of the beads
this is section 18c.png of the beads

Day 57


Mommy and daddy washed my hair for the first time!

this is section 18d.png of the beads

I had an x-ray with contrast to check on my intestines

this is section 19a.png of the beads

Day 58


I was diagnosed with malrotation

this is section 19b.png of the beads

Day 61


I still wasn't growing as fast as I should

I had my first dose of IV fat lipids!

this is section 19c.png of the beads
this is section 20a.png of the beads

Day 66


My mommy, daddy, and I had our blood tested to check for any genetic conditions (an exome test)

this is section 20b.png of the beads

I wasn't growing as fast as I should, so doctors increased my feeds!

this is section 21a.png of the beads

Day 73


Getting fed into my stomach upsets me

I had a feeding tube placed in my nose, through my stomach, and into my small intestine (NJ tube).

this is section 21b.png of the beads

Day 77


I stopped taking dexmedetomidine (a strong seditive)

this is section 21c.png of the beads
this is section 21d.png of the beads

Day 82


I stopped breathing for a few seconds.

I turned blue

a nurse had to press the emergency button

which brought my all nurse/doctor friends into my room

this is section 22a.png of the beads

Day 83


I held my breath again

I turned blue
my dad had to press the emergency button

I got to see all my friends at the same time, again

this is section 22b.png of the beads

Day 90


I got to meet my grandma for the first time! 👵

this is section 22c.png of the beads

Day 91


My heart rate wouldn't slow down

it was in the 200s for a few hours

even while I slept

this is section 23a.png of the beads

Day 93


I had MCT oil added to my feed

I need to grow some more!

this is section 23b.png of the beads

My exome/DNA tests back, I was diagnosed with Kabuki (queen) syndrome

Kabuki syndrome is a rare, multisystem disorder characterized by multiple abnormalities and a wide variety of additional symptoms affecting multiple different organ systems.

this is section 24a.png of the beads

Day 95


I coughed up my NJ tube - it had to be placed again :(

this is section 24b.png of the beads

Day 99


I had a catheterisation procedure to check if I was ready for my 2nd major heart surgery

I was ready!

this is section 25a.png of the beads

Day 112


I had my 2nd heart major heart surgery - the Glenn!

this is section 25b.png of the beads
this is section 26a.png of the beads

with no breathing tube

this is section 26b.png of the beads

but I was bleeding more than normal..

this is section 27a.png of the beads

I needed an emergency bed-side surgery to fix a leaky artery

I had to be intubated, again

this is section 28a.png of the beads

My heart surgeon opened my freshly-stitched chest wall to fix the tear

this is section 29a.png of the beads

I lost a lot of blood

It was very scary

this is section 29b.png of the beads

I lost twice the volume of blood in my body

this is section 29c.png of the beads

Day 114


I had my breathing tube removed

this is section 29d.png of the beads

Day 115


My parents held me for the first time since my 2nd major heart surgery!

this is section 29e.png of the beads

Day 116


I welcomed the new year with my mommy and daddy & my nurse friends!

this is section 30a.png of the beads

Day 117


I had my chest tube removed!

I pooped explosively... I had to have my hair resucitated (washed)

this is section 30b.png of the beads

Day 119


I coughed up my feeding tube and had to have it placed again :(

this is section 30c.png of the beads

Day 120


I needed less oxygen support

I was now on a regular oxygen cannular

this is section 31a.png of the beads

Day 121


I had a transthoracic line removed!

this is section 31b.png of the beads

Day 123


I needed less oxygen support!

this is section 31c.png of the beads

Day 125


Dad pulled out a femoral artery IV line :(

this is section 32a.png of the beads

Day 126


My mom and dad played with me on the floor for the first time!

this is section 32b.png of the beads

Day 132


My blood pressure got really low

this is section 32c.png of the beads

Day 136


I had another surgery

I had a feeding tube placed directly into my stomach more tube in my nose!

Doctors also fixed my malrotation and removed my appendix (LADDs procedure)

this is section 33a.png of the beads

Day 137


I had my first poop since the LADDs procedure!

this is section 33b.png of the beads

Day 139


I stopped drinking pedialite and got to drink my mommy's breast milk again - yum!

My parents held me for the first time since my LADDs procedure

this is section 34a.png of the beads

Day 143


I was well enough to leave the ICU, and was moved to a step down unit!

this is section 34b.png of the beads

Day 144


My mommy and daddy prepared all my daily medications on their own for the first time

this is section 34c.png of the beads

Day 145


My mommy and daddy took care of me for 48 hours in the hospital, without assistance

They were ready to take me home!

this is section 35a.png of the beads

Day 147


I failed my hearing test :(

I have moderate/severe hearing loss and will need hearing aids

this is section 35b.png of the beads

I blocked my feeding tube

Diet Coke cleared the blockage and saved the day!

this is section 35c.png of the beads


this is section 35d.png of the beads


I met my fur-brother

I saw Lake Michigan for the first time.

I met my family

this is section 35e.png of the beads

Day 163


Not for long, through

I aspirated at home, and de-saturated enough to be rushed to the ER

I was immediately admitted to the PCICU... again

this is section 35f.png of the beads

Day 165


I needed a lot of oxygen support

12L/min of oxygen to be exact

I narrowly avoided being intubated

this is section 35g.png of the beads

Day 166


I have very small veins/arteries

Doctors have a hard time placing lines

this is section 36a.png of the beads

Day 167


I pulled out my arm IV

I pulled out my thumb IV

this is section 36b.png of the beads

Day 168


I needed less oxygen support

I was now on 6L/min of oxygen

this is section 36c.png of the beads

Day 171


Doctors needed better access to my blood (I kept pulling my IVs out)

They placed a central line

this is section 36d.png of the beads

Day 172


I suddenly deteriorated

I needed to be nasally intubated

Doctors discovered I had a deviated septum

It was my daddy's birthday

this is section 36e.png of the beads

Day 175


I had another cardiac catheterisation procedure to check why I deteriorated and needed so much support.

I got diagnosed with pulmonary stenosis

this is section 36f.png of the beads

Day 177


I had pulmonary stenosis surgery

this is section 37a.png of the beads

Day 179


I was extubated!

Being intubated is not good for my heart's new circulaion

this is section 37b.png of the beads

Day 180


I developed a yeast infection :(

this is section 37c.png of the beads

Day 182


I turned 6 months old!

this is section 37d.png of the beads
this is section 38a.png of the beads

Day 184


I had another MRI on my spinal cord

this is section 38b.png of the beads
this is section 39a.png of the beads

Day 189


I had an EEG brain scan

this is section 39b.png of the beads
this is section 39c.png of the beads
this is section 40a.png of the beads

Day 190


I had another surgery to move my feeding tube to feed my small intestine

this is section 40b.png of the beads

I was one of the first patients to try a new size of stomach feeding tube 🌎

this is section 40c.png of the beads

I had tubes placed in my ears to help drain any fluid

I had moulds made for hearing aids!

this is section 40d.png of the beads

Day 192


I needed less oxygen support

this is section 41a.png of the beads

Day 193


I had a CT scan

this is section 41b.png of the beads

Day 195


I needed less oxygen support

I am down to 1/2L now

this is section 42a.png of the beads
this is section 42b.png of the beads
this is section 43a.png of the beads

Day 199


I went home again!

this is section 44a.png of the beads
this is section 44b.png of the beads

Day 211


I got admitted to the ICU... again :(

this time because my sodium was low (115)

this is section 45a.png of the beads

Day 213


I got my hearing aids!

this is section 45b.png of the beads

Day 215


I needed better access

Doctors found out I had no more viable IV sites

so they placed a central line in my neck

I was not a happy

this is section 45c.png of the beads

Day 216


I had my diuretics held

It made me really puffy

I needed to pee off a lot of fluid

this is section 45d.png of the beads

Day 225


... and I did!

this is section 46a.png of the beads

I got discharged again!

this is section 47a.png of the beads
this is section 47b.png of the beads
this is section 48a.png of the beads
this is section 48b.png of the beads

Day 234


My mommy and daddy took me to a routine check-up

Doctors told my parents my lungs were very cloudy

I was having trouble breathing

this is section 49a.png of the beads

I was admitted to the PCICU


My 4th and final admission, this time because of my narrow veins, my lungs weren't able to drain my blood quick enough

this is section 50a.png of the beads

Day 236


I developed chlothorax

I had a chest tube placed to drain the extra cyle/fluid around my lungs

this is section 50b.png of the beads

Day 238


I deteriorated and needed to be intubated

I had another catheterisation procedure to find out why I got sick


this is section 51a.png of the beads

Day 241


Doctors tried to remove my breathing tube

but I wasn't strong enough without it

this is section 51b.png of the beads

Day 242


My lungs were very sick from the chlothorax and extra volume

and I started extreme course of antibiotics

this is section 51c.png of the beads

Day 245


I had a very hard night

My lungs were really, really sick

I waited for my parents to arrive in the morning

I let them know I was ready

I went into cardiac arrest and I was resuscitated with CPR and epinetherin

CPR hurt some of my ribs

I was kept alive by the ventilator for the night

My parents made the brave decision to turn off my ventilator

I took my last breath at 9:22am, peacefully, in the arms of my mommy and daddy, surrounded by my family

I am now forever at peace

Day 253


Sterling was cremated, and some of her ashes were placed in the soil we used to plant a redbud tree.

Day 5732


We watered her & we still got to watch her grow into something else equally as beautiful.

over 33 ft / 10 mof string & beads

Bead Count
Admission or Transfer to Intensive Care Unit Square Heart 4
Central Line | Midline | Pheresis Catherter Placement & Removal Orange 179
Clinic Visit Blue 10
Dialysis | TPN | NPO Dark Green 191
Dressing Change & Skin Care Gray 38
Echocardiogram Glow in the Dark 32
Emergency | Unusual Occurrence | Seizure | Cardio Version | Emergency Transport Magenta 22
Isolation Precautions | Fever | Neutropenia Lime 4
IV Infusions Purple 197
Learning New Medications | Parent Education White 30
Nutrition & Diet Transitions Beige 54
Overnight Stay in Hospital Yellow 206
Pokes Black 136
Procedures Tortoise 11
Respiratory Support | Sedation | Anesthesia | Ventilator Pink 206
Test | Scans Light Green 286
Therapy Rainbow 95
Transfusions | Blood Products | Pheresis Red 47
Tube | Catheter | Pacer Wife Placement & Removal Aqua 185
Act of Courage Handmade Glass Selection 30
Cardiac Surgery Silver Square Heart 3
ECMO Small Round Fimo 0
General Surgery | Suture Removal | Staple Removal | Prolonged Chest Closure Silver Star 7
Heart Transplant Handmade Glass Heart 0
Independent Self or Parent Giving Instructions or Injections | Following Medicine Schedule Ceramic Special Selection 6
Special Accomplishment | Recognition of Personal or Family Accomplishment Ceramic Special Selection 16
Medication Challenges Bumpy 10
Mobility Challenges Bumpy 26
Pacemaker and/or Defibrillator Placement Lightning Bolt 0
Parent or Caregiver "Firsts" with Newborn Infants Small Glass Hearts 15
Transfer Units or Facilities | Long Distance Travel for Care | "Upstream Battles" Fish 4
Discharge from Hospital Member's Choice 3
total beads: 2053
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